ALF Administrator Core Training Program

ALF Administrator Core Training Program

ALF Administrator Core Training Program

Start your 26-hour learning journey with an easy-to-follow online training. This program is designed to help students get ready for Florida’s ALF Core Competency Test and become the next leaders in ALF.

We firmly believe that thorough preparation for Florida’s Competency Test lays the foundation for success in the role of an Assisted Living Facility Administrator. This comprehensive 26-hour course meticulously covers the competencies prioritized by Legislators and regulatory bodies, aligning with Florida’s curriculum outline and Competency Test.

Throughout the course, students will engage in detailed exploration, reinforced by insightful quizzes and carefully crafted tests that facilitate self-assessment and review. Our students also benefit from live weekly office hours, offering a platform to pose questions directly to their core trainer based on the course lectures. Access to the course library, featuring a searchable companion training manual and original study aids tailored for this program, further aids learners in visualizing complex concepts. Additionally, after scheduling their official Competency Test, LSLE’s Core Training students gain exclusive access to the No-Rules Review course.

It’s essential to note that taking a 26-hour ALF Core Training Program is a legal requirement. However, not all programs are created equal. Opting for a high-quality ALF Core Training Program is not just about meeting legal obligations; it’s a strategic investment in your success on the Competency Test. By selecting this ALF Core Training Program, you’re not only fulfilling a mandatory requirement but also fast-tracking your trajectory after completing the Competency Test. Choose wisely, and let this program be your stepping stone toward a successful career as an Assisted Living Facility Administrator.


The ALF Administrator Core Training Program stands as a beacon for those committed to excellence in ALF administration. By investing in the continuous education and development of administrators, we pave the way for a future where every assisted living facility is led by knowledgeable, compassionate, and proficient individuals, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to residents.